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At Ms Nicky’s Body Shop, it is important for us to hit all the marks when it comes to self care.  Our fitness and movement classes allow a space to feel comfort and freedom to leave behind that sedentary lifestyle.

Want to lose weight or need help with weight loss management?  Schedule a consultation & meet with our trainer and practitioner to create a customized program that will help you reach your goals.  Want group supported weight loss?  Join our Body Sculpt Boot Camp!

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Get featured on our website as one of our many success stories.  We want to show your drive and push to reach your goals.  Help others just like yourself change their life!

“We have already had success with online weight-loss & fitness programs.  Be the first to tell your story in the Denver Metro Area!”


“Movement is life!  It’s not always about weight loss.  Just get your body moving and have fun.  Tell your story and be free!!”


“We are here to help you reach your goals, heal, and be at peace.  Ms Nicky’s Body Shop is a one stop shop for all your self care needs!”

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