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Welcome to Ms Nicky’s Body Shop

Ms Nicky’s Body Shop is housed in a private suite with luxury services in body sculpting, aesthetics, and weight loss solutions.  Previously serving the Las Vegas, Nevada area, and now nestled inside of the My Salon Suites of Cherry Hill in Englewood, Co.   You are bound to leave the shop feeling refreshed and enlightened.  Our practitioner, Ms Nicky, is a trained and licensed Esthetician, Body Sculptor, Personal Trainer, and Life Master.

Our Story

MS NICKY’S BODY SHOP was first opened November 2020 in Henderson, Nevada and then migrated to Englewood, Colorado July 2021.   In order to ensure a controlled environment and privacy, the shop is located in a private suite within My Salon Suites.  You can receive spa care from head to toe.

MNBS’s desire is to help others become confident and empowered in themselves.  MNBS is proud to service a diverse community of clientele and provide quality service with quality and affordable products.

Change your life while gaining confidence in you, your body and skin!

Your Practitioner

When Ms Nicky was a personal trainer, one thing that she noticed was how those who were going through the process of losing weight would still not feel comfortable or beautiful in their skin.  And as a single mother, Ms Nicky understands what it means to have long hours of physical and mental stress and internalizing the feelings of inadequacy.  Overcoming her own bouts of depression and body shame, she has now dedicated her life to empowering others to overcome the same. 

Combining her love for fitness, nutrition, self empowerment, and skin care; MNBS is meant to be a one-stop shop for addressing your self care needs.



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